Basket making workshops

Basket making workshops

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Round, oval and square work

The round and oval bases bring with them, so much potential…our traditional, heritage bases are beautiful and strong.

For oval workshops you need experience of willow basketmaking, and preferably experience of tying the traditional English underfoot round base, to get the most out of these two days. (I have a video on my Instagram account for anyone needing to practice the tied round base). This will not only help with hand strength and body position when weaving an underfoot base, but will also help with understanding the tying-in process. 

We will look at some of the variety of different slaths, how to create variations in the number of stakes you want in your basket, and there will be a variety of vintage English baskets and a good selection of basketry books to look at.

It takes practice to get competent with these bases but they become a joy to produce.

Please get in touch for any further details.